Lars J. Aas ✅

Har satt bestandsmål på tre slike i hagen (og null av de andre husløse)...

Lmao I complained about it before when I left for a bit last year, but now all the way down to 10%

a m a z i n g

Tired: 2017
Wired: 2018

Am I doing this right?

The batch came out excellent 👌 Thinned it out with one extra cabbage because it was a tad on the strong side.

@srol Can you thrive from a single-user instance? That's an issue I feel isn't covered anywhere if you google.

I was worried about creating my account on the wrong instance, so instead I set up my own on my VPS to try it out, and keep control of my data. No interest in admin'ing other users.

Tooting from my instance, I am an isolated island. If I had fame/notoriety/importance, then it could work out? For just reading it works fine.

Maybe a hub only boosting registered SU-instances would help?

Hey everyone, I'm working on a guide on how to thrive on Mastodon. If youve been here for more than three months, I'm curious if you would have any advice for a new user to get them to stick around and not bounce off.

All comments welcome, feel free to boost.